People are homeless if they don’t have an adequate, permanent, safe and secure home. They might be sleeping rough in the river valley or on park benches. On cold nights some put a mat down in one of the city’s shelters. Or a homeless person might be couch surfing – staying with relatives or friends until they have to move on.


Being homeless has a profound impact on every aspect of a person’s life. There’s nowhere to keep your belongings safe. If you’re sick, there’s nowhere to store your medication. And you probably do have major health issues because life is hard on the street. Every day a homeless person walks for hours between agencies for a coffee, a bottle of water, some lunch or dinner, a shower. And she sleeps in cold, uncomfortable conditions that take a real toll on her body.

Fundamentally each homeless person feels frustrated, insecure and often fearful for their life. And he is too busy surviving each day to think about tomorrow.