Barbara didn’t know she was homeless – until her doctor pointed it out. All her belongings were in storage, and Barbara was couch surfing. Moving from relative to relative.

Through her doctor, Barbara was connected to DiverseCity’s Housing First team. A year ago, she moved into her new apartment. She was able to get all of her things out of storage, and really establish her own home. She doesn’t have to worry any more about whose couch she’s going to sleep on tonight. And Barbara’s support worker has been there all along to help her settle in.

While she loves her new apartment, Barbara does face a major hurdle: loneliness. Some of the people that she had been staying with are dealing with addictions and are involved in a lifestyle that Barbara has left behind. Others live far away from the new community that Barbara has moved into. She would like to have friends in her new community to do things with – to go out for a coffee, go shopping, have a chat with. Barbara is looking for companionship.

Most of all, Barbara is looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, since she feels that she’s been given so much.