Peter is in his mid forties. He has a history of bipolar disorder, chronic alcoholism, and mood disorders associated with substance abuse. Peter is homeless.

He sometimes sleeps in a shelter. He often spends the night on the streets of the inner city or in the river valley. All of his energy is consumed by finding a way to survive, getting through each day. He often ends up in hospital or having a run in with the police. Peter costs the system around $200,000 every year.

Peter needs the help of an outreach team to even contemplate the prospect of moving into his own home. He'll need help finding that home. And he'll need help remaining successfully housed- intensive supports across a continuum of health services. Housing and supporting someone with Peter’s level of need is expensive: around $150,000 per year. But that’s still cheaper than leaving Peter on the streets. And it’s the right thing to do.