True Stories of Hope

Ryan’s Story

After a video of Ryan playing the piano went viral in October 2014 and reportedly homeless for last three decades, he has found a home.

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Jeff’s story

Jeff shouldn’t be alive today. Over a decade ago he was brutally assaulted and robbed. As a result, he sustained brain damage, and, eventually, became homeless. Life became a downward spiral of deterio- rating health, drugs and alcohol. Jeff would end up in emergency several times a week because of his brain damage, he would lose his balance and fall hurting himself badly; he had open sores on his legs; he had scabies and lice. And he would regularly overdose. Because of his level of intoxication, Jeff was considered high risk in the shelter he stayed at. Jeff’s life didn’t seem worth living; he often talked about suicide.

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George’s story

George lives in permanent supportive housing, in his own apartment where he can cook and which he keeps clean and tidy. He can read, watch TV, do his crafts the things he loves to do. And he’s becoming healthy. Every week, an Occupational Therapist visits to talk about his physical and mental health, to make sure he’s taking his meds. And a nurse visits, to help George out with his diabetes.

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Barbara’s Story

Barbara didn’t know she was homeless – until her doctor pointed it out. All her belongings were in storage, and Barbara was couch surfing. Moving from relative to relative.

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Darrell’s Story

“I sure wish they had this support when I got out of jail years ago; I never would have ended up back in jail. I’m thankful for all of the support and the home you have helped me with.”

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Susan’s Story

Susan has shown great courage in making the transition off the streets.

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Peter’s Story

Peter is in his mid forties. He has a history of bipolar disorder, chronic alcoholism, and mood disorders associated with substance abuse. Peter is homeless.

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Steve’s Story

Steve grew up in a home with an abusive, alcoholic father. And there was no escape at school. There he was mocked and ridiculed. His childhood wasn’t easy.

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Brian’s Story

Brian was homeless for most of his life. He grew up on the streets of Toronto – an orphan, in between foster homes, orphanages, and reform school.

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