Year 6 Key Numbers

  • A total of 3,525 previously homeless Edmontonians have now been housed, including 843 in 2014

  • Of those housed in 2014 through Housing First, 77% were housed outside of the inner city

  • 93% of people served through Housing First in 2014 have retained their home thanks slot spiele kostenlos downloaden

  • In Year 6, as in the previous two years, use of Edmonton’s emergency shelter increased and exceeded funded capacity in all but the summer months.  Shelter usage in January 2014 was higher than at the start of the 10 Year Plan

  • Provincial funding for homeless support increased in Year 6 by $4,825,000 bringing the total to $26,260,000 from the Government of Alberta

  • The Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative renewed faith leaders’ commitment to the 10 Year Plan

  • Welcome Home continues to match community volunteers with newly housed Edmontonians to provide companionship and community supports: in Year 6, 105 volunteers worked with 61 formerly homeless people