As communities in Edmonton face the prospect of having supportive housing for newly housed Edmontonians in their neighbourhood, some residents have voiced concerns about the effect on their property prices.

So what is the effect of non-market housing on surrounding property prices?

Many different studies have investigated this question. The Centre for Housing Policy has distilled that research into one policy brief. What they found is that affordable housing does not depress neighbouring property value, and, in some cases, may in fact have a positive effect. Much of the research suggests that the quality of design, management and maintenance are key factors in ensuring there are no negative effects for surrounding property values. There is also some evidence that points to the importance of location: non-market housing is more likely to have no negative impact, and potentially a positive impact, if it's located in a neighbourhood which is already strong - with low levels of poverty.

If you'd like to read more on this study, you can find it here.