Government funding means housing and health supports for homeless Edmontonians with intensive needs

Edmonton’s Homeless Commission welcomes the ongoing commitment to ending homelessness shown by the Government of Alberta today. The funding announced means that agencies across Edmonton can continue to find homes for homeless Edmontonians, and give them the supports that they need to stay in those homes.

“It’s critical that people who are newly housed get the help that they need to make this difficult transition in their lives, from living on the streets to maintaining a home. Some people need more support than others – particularly those with chronic health problems, with mental illness or struggling with addiction,” says Anne Smith, chair of Edmonton’s Homeless Commission.

The Commission appreciates the involvement of the Ministry of Health in the effort to end homelessness. The current stage of Edmonton’s Plan to End Homelessness involves a focused effort on housing Edmontonians with intensive needs. It is vital that the right health supports are available for people in conjunction with housing.

Our Plan to End Homelessness is working. More than 2000 Edmontonians who once were homeless now have homes. Continued success, particularly in housing those with intensive needs, is dependent on continued funding and collaboration - the kind of collaboration demonstrated by the Ministries of Human Services and Health today.